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Work, study and enjoy Barcelona

Harbour.Space University has partnered with OneRagtime, a fund-as-a-platform specialized in sourcing, financing and scaling early-stage tech startups from across Europe to offer motivated tech specialists the opportunity to work and study in Barcelona.


Scholarship Available


Year in Barcelona

Apprenticeship Details

Due Date

April 16, 2023

Start Date

May 1, 2023


Study at Harbour.Space

Master in Front-end Development

You will complete 15 modules to graduate. Daily classes are 3 hours, plus coursework to complete in your own time.


Covered Tuition

3h / day

Study Commitment


Work at OneRagtime

Front-end Developer

Immerse yourself in the professional world during your apprenticeship. You’ll learn the ropes from the best and get to apply your newly acquired knowledge in the field from day one.

800€ / month

Living Stipend

4h / day

Work Commitment




At B.GRIMM, we’re restless and passionate about creating a better future. A more connected, more inclusive, and more sustainable world. It’s our human spirit.

Front-end Developer at OneRagtime


Oneragtime positions itself as the next generation of venture capital funding and operates as a fund-as-a-platform. Specialized in the sourcing, financing and scaling of early-stage (pre-seed to Series A) French and pan-European start-ups, OneRagtime already counts 17 companies in its portfolio and invests tickets from 1 to 4m€.
Born from the observation that traditional Venture Capital models do not apply the same expectations of scalability to themselves as they do to their investments, OneRagtime was created with a fintech mindset.

A year from now you will have

Defined the technology stack / tools to be used in the frontend

Written scalable, maintainable, reusable, and well-tested software that adheres to best practices

Have collaborated with Product Owners, Growth Hacker, UX / Product Designers

Acquiring the most demanded Front-end Developer skills.


Proficient in HTML/JSX, CSS, and with strong fundamentals in Javascript ES6

Understand Vue

Expertise with Web pack, gulp, similar frontend build tools (npm)

Familiar with UX/UI principles (Bonus: if you are familiar with Figma)

Familiar with Webflow

Front-end Development at Harbour.Space

A successful web developer requires more than just coding skills to thrive and innovate in the real world. The Front-end Development programme provides a unique environment for students to explore creative coding based on a strong design foundation. You will touch base on design courses and make sure your development level is top-notch with the latest market technologies related to creative and application programming, such as React and WebGL. Regardless of the area of your focus, mastering these spectrums and tying them together is what will make you stand out in the competitive ever-growing front-end development market.


Master of Science





Programme Directors:

Hjörtur Hilmarsson

Co-Founder, Creative Developer and CEO, 14islands

Marco Barbosa

Managing Director and Co-founder, 14islands

Other Teachers:

Graciela Henriquez Fernandez

Frontend Lead Engineer at Visma Labs Spain

Joshua Davis

Founder and Creative Director, Joshua Davis Studios

Anton Repponen

Co-founder, Anton & Irene

Daniel Savage

Independent Designer and Director

Eirikur Nilsson

Developer of Interactive Web Experiences at Aranja

What you'll Cover

Norge Vizcay

Software Engineer at Google

It was incredible to be rewarded with the opportunity to share this space with all the people I’ve met. Brilliant like-minded people coming from all over the world and helping you everyday to adapt, connect and evolve. A big thank you to all the professors, students and specially the staff.

Robbie Sands

Product Designer at Workhelix

It has been such a defining experience for me as a professional and creative. In collaboration with classmates, I have built ideas into real products and designs. HS is a home where anything can happen if you dedicate yourself and that’s what’s most special. The resources are all here: fin-tech mentors, brilliant designers, global networks, and hustle.

Ciaran Kelly

Interaction Design Alumni 2021

The teachers here are amazing. Their experience, expertise and the quality of feedback that they provide dramatically accelerate the learning curve. All of this combined with an education model that is far more effective than the traditional one I’m used to, making this a very worthwhile investment for me.

Pranav Joy

Interaction Design Alumni 2021

Harbour.Space was a great experience, an intense year and full of new knowledge, hard work, short nights but also friends and tremendous fun and learning. I am grateful for the opportunity to sharpen my skills and to understand how to develop my career. Personally, I experienced how important it is to stay in balance throughout the modules.

Toktonazar Shatmanaliev

Front-end Development Student

Harbour.Space managed to create one of the best environments I have ever been in. After a challenging and intense year, I am amazed at how much we have grown as developers and individuals. I’m endlessly impressed by the growth that each of us achieved. In many ways, this has been one of the best years of my life.

How to Apply

Our applicants must provide a CV, be proficient in English, and have a Bachelor's degree for Masters's students.


Passion for your ideas

English Proficiency

CV and LinkedIn profile

Bachelor's Degree

Apply before:

Apr 16, 2023

Classes start:

May 1, 2023

Start your application

Fill out the application form with your details and CV, and pay the application fee. Our Admissions Team will review your profile.

Complete a challenge

Before the interview you would need to complete a short Front-end Challenge. If your application makes it through the initial assessment, we will contact you for an interview within 2-5 weeks after your submission date.

Harbour.Space Interview

Our Admission Team will schedule a 30-45 minute interview within 1 week of receiving your application. This is an opportunity for us to understand your background.

Company Interview

If successful, you will be invited to a 1-hour interview with our partner company. Here, the company will evaluate your skills and experience.

Welcome aboard

After you complete your interview with the company, will be contacted by our Admission’s Team with the final results of your application.

1. First, how can we reach you?

2. Please upload your CV

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3. LinkedIn (optional)

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