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Study Product Management with a 50% Scholarship

More and more companies are searching for individuals who have the necessary skills to bring their products to the right markets, and now you have the opportunity to become exactly what they are looking for!

Apply before April 30, 2022.

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We want to put you in the driver’s seat and teach you everything needed to lead the teams that will bring the products of the future to market.

Harbour.Space is looking for talented individuals who want kick-start their careers in product management or launch their own business.

Apply before April 30, and become eligible to receive a scholarship for the 2022 Product Management programme.

Application deadline:

April 30, 2022

Apply now and receive up to 50% off the tuition fee!

Plus, benefit from an application fee of 85€ (instead of125€) if you apply by April 30, 2022.

3 Years

Bachelor's Degree

Candidates with a diploma and transcript of their highest educational level will need a Capstone Project Proposal.

Yearly tuition:

1 Year

Master's Degree

Candidates who already have a Bachelor's Degree will need a Capstone Project Proposal.

Yearly tuition:


Proficiency level of English and CV are required to apply.

About Product Management

Are you ready to become the product leader who drives innovation?

The Product Management programme is a revolutionary programme designed for the leaders of tomorrow who want to start their own companies, join successful startups, or help build products in large tech companies.

At its core, a great product manager is the voice of the customer coupled with a deep understanding of the business space they operate within.

It's a strategic field that requires strong communication and prioritization skills while also understanding the other aspects of product development including technology, design, and business.

What you will learn

How to identify and address market opportunity

This programme is set up to train future product managers on the art and science of identifying a market opportunity, leading a team to develop a differentiable product that addresses the market, and achieving superior customer satisfaction and long-term company value.

How to create loyal customers by solving pain points

You will learn to think like your target customer and understand their pain points. Learn how to validate an idea using market research and customer interviews. You will work with others to turn an idea into a market-ready product that users love, promote, and are loyal to.

How to be innovative throughout a products life cycle

You will learn the best practices and frameworks used to ensure products are successfully built and how to continue applying product management principles after a product’s launch to ensure its ongoing success.

How to be a leader to stakeholders

This programme will cover managing scope when planning new product changes, facilitating collaboration between engineers and designers, and communicating updates to internal stakeholders of product roadmaps.

Meet your instructors

The best way to learn is by immersion in the field and learning directly from the source. We only invite practicing professionals to the frontlines - tech and creative superstars as faculty and programme directors.

Kevin Madill

Investment Director, MaRS at Investment Accelerator Fund

Aleksandr Simukovic

Product Manager at

Ann Hiatt

Leadership Strategist at Ann Hiatt Consulting

Lauren Celenza

Independent Design Lead, Writer, & Tech Consultant

Irene Pereyra

Co-Founder at Anton&Irene

Robbert Van Geldrop

Entrepreneur and Investor

About Harbour.Space

Harbour.Space is a university for the resourceful, the future-minded and the change-hungry. If you’re devoted to developing and executing big ideas in design and technology that will positively affect the world, Harbour.Space could be your academic home.
Our aim is not only to equip students with the knowledge to take on the real world, but to nurture, create and shape tomorrow’s tech superstars.

We change the way we learn

Experienced professionals teach students the ropes. This brings the brightest minds of today and tomorrow.

We learn by doing

Industry experience cannot be learned in books. By learning through their creative solutions and mistakes, they retain that understanding forever.

We are your home

We are a community of over 53 nationalities and growing. You have the opportunity to work with world-renowned researchers, and thought leaders.

Two vibrant locations


Located on the Mediterranean coast has become the place where imagination flourishes, turning dreams into reality.

As an international student, you can breathe the city's startup culture while enjoying the sunny beaches.

You won't be the only one - Barcelona is home to some of the most prestigious schools in the fields of design, entrepreneurship, and technology, attracting students that come eager to learn from innovative educators and collaborate with like-minded individuals.


The capital of Thailand is famed for its rich history, culture, and cuisine. Bangkok is more than a nice place to visit, offers a cosmopolitan blend of tradition and modernity.

It’s a regional hub for commerce and home to many industries and companies with a global presence.

Thanks to our collaboration with the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Harbour.Space is in a unique position to offer access to established business networks and industry leaders in Thailand and Southeast Asia in general.

Students at

Torntanat Cheng, a.k.a. Jump

High-tech Entrepreneurship Master's Alumnus

I am grateful for being in an environment that’s full of marketers, designers and business people and that they’re my friends too. I’ve been inspired by them, their style and their creativity over the last year, which has made me a better person and a better professional.

Francisca Pinto

Digital Marketing Master's Alumna

I came to Harbour.Space with an idea and left with a completely different one. The project evolved as so did I with every class we had. It went from discovering what truly motivates me, to an hotel, to a property management company, to a travel app, to a fully digital immersive accommodation experience that is now coming to life. HS gave me the tools to think digitally and now I’m ready for the challenges ahead!

Diego Gladig

Fintech Master's Alumnus

What a great year! Having done my Bachelors, it was a hard decision for me to come to Barcelona and study at Harbour.Space. However, I can say that was more than worth it. I have learned about how to set up a company, heavily extended my network with decision-makers, met incredible classmates from all over the world and learned three new programming languages (without being a data/computer science student).

Christine Vogt

High-tech Entrepreneurship Master's Alumna

A big THANK YOU to every single student and teacher at Harbour.Space - all of you enabled me to increase my skillset and especially helped me to develop myself to another level! It was a life changing experience that I will never forget.

Nicholas Quinn

High-tech Entrepreneurship Bachelor's Alumnus

My knowledge of the startup world has grown exponentially since I joined Harbour.Space. Learning from real professionals from important sectors and companies such as Google opened my mind in so many aspects that I had not even considered before. I encourage current and future students to build wild business ideas, that will completely disrupt industries by leveraging technology and sustainable concepts.

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With our Product Management Scholarship instead of paying 125€ for the application fee, the price reduces to the non-refundable 85€.

This fee guarantees that we maintain the highest possible standard of assessment and screening process. Ultimately, you are applying to a highly competitive opportunity.

This will only be offered to those who pay the application fee before April 30, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply?

The deadline to apply for the Product Management Scholarship is April 30, 2022, or until full enrolment has been reached. Therefore, we recommend applying as soon as possible to ensure that there is a place available within the programme (and to have time to process your visa application, if required).

What level of English proficiency is required?

As all of our courses are taught in English, we require that our students speak and comprehend English well. While we take work experience and standardised test scores into consideration, we do not have a specific set of requirements. Your abilities to convey your thoughts in English and whether they will be good enough to engage during the courses will be mainly evaluated during the interview.

What happens if I get accepted, but cannot join the University because of COVID-19?

We understand we’re living in uncertain times. That’s why students who are unable to pursue their education offline will have the option of deferring their studies to another semester or year.
In that case, they are kindly requested to communicate their decision as soon as possible to the Admissions Team. They will be more prepared than ever to help and evaluate each applicant’s situation on a case-by-case basis to find a solution that ensures that nobody misses the opportunity to join Harbour.Space.

Is there accommodation provided?

Accommodation is not provided by Harbour.Space. Students are expected to find their accommodation on their own. We will add you to a student accommodation group at your request and provide an accommodation guide. We can also recommend some student organisations that could help you with finding housing.

Do I need a visa?

For our campus in Barcelona, all students from Non-European Union countries must obtain a student visa in their countries. For our campus in Bangkok, all non-Thai national students must first submit the documents to the local Thai Embassy or Consulate to apply for the visa in their countries, following the process of applying to the COE (Certificate of Entry).
A student visa will allow the holder to remain in either Spain or Thailand to seek studies, research or training programmes.